Jessica A. Gardner

A tribute from: Shelly Wade, Donor Mom


The days have gone and past for you’re still with me

I’ve shed tears just for you even though I would never see your face again

Only your heavenly spirit is in our presence

You’re still in my memory and not forgotten

I think of you day and night

My memories have not yet rotten

Sometimes I swear I can see you in near sight

The memory I have of you is a lot better than I picture

A picture can’t tell a story but a scene of no motion

Those days I enjoyed for that is no lie

As I think of you, I blink back a tear

I try to hide that tear, but just blink back more

They slide down my cheek and as they hit my lips, I burst into more

Is this right or wrong?

This feeling I have, because you’re not forgotten

By Jessica A. Gardner

Jessica is my 16 year old daughter; she died very suddenly in July, 2005. We still don’t know why God chose you, but we know we will see you someday in Heaven. The poem above was written by Jessica along with many others that we found after she died. These poems have been such a gift to our family and friends. We were just notified that Jessica’s corneas have helped two people see again. Even though Jessica’s death took us by surprise we never hesitated to donate Jessica’s eyes and tissue. It comforts me to know that she is helping so many people.