A heart filled with JOY

A tribute from Amy Slate-Olsen, Jennifer's sister

My sister Jennifer was truly one of a kind! She was caring, compassionate, kind, loving, loyal to a fault and would do anything for the people that she loved.

She was taken from us way too soon due to complications from cancer treatments. Kind of ironic that she fought and beat the cancer twice and the treatment is what got her. She wasn’t ready to go. She still had living to do. And, we were in no way prepared for her to be gone. It is hard. I miss her every day.

Shortly after she passed, I got a call from an Eversight representative letting me know that she had been on the donor registry. I got the letter today notifying me that her donation has provided the gift of sight to two people in need of a cornea transplant. My heart is absolutely full of JOY! A small part of Jennifer lives on and provides 2 people with one of life’s most beautiful gifts. I’m so proud of my sister!

Image of donor, Jennifer Slate

Image of donor, Jennifer Slate