Jacob Perry

A tribute from Mike Perry, Jake's dad

In loving memory of my son, Jacob Perry

My son Jacob passed away unexpectedly on March 14, 2019. It’s hard to believe a year has almost passed. I miss Jake every day, but am still joyful that he is with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, rejoicing in music every moment for all eternity.

Jake was such a loving son, brother and friend. He loved sports and music and excelled at both. He was a good at everything he set his sights on. Jake was just short of 28 when he passed away due to injuries from a vehicle accident. Jake had made the decision when he was 18 to be a donor and our family is so blessed to know that part of Jake lives on and is helping at least two others with better sight than they would have otherwise.

These pictures of Jake are from a camping trip we took to Colorado about five years ago. I traveled a lot with Jake and he saw many parts of the U.S. He loved the Colorado Rockies and really enjoyed skiing at Breckenridge. We also did a trip up the coast of California and hiked parts of Yosemite. There are so many great trips and memories.

Jake was also an avid golfer and had so many great friends throughout his life. He experienced love from his family and also enjoyed dating and dances and all the things you hope for as a parent watching your children grow up. He has four other brothers and three sisters, half of which are through my second marriage. Jake was close to everyone and spent time with all his siblings.

There are so many stories and things I would love to share about Jake. The best part of him of course is in heaven, but knowing part of his physical being still alive and doing well is joyful.