Heather M. Jeroue

A tribute from: Bonnie Warren, Donor Mom

My Daughter

I miss you Honey but am so glad that part of you lives in other people. It is something that I know you would want too. God knew what he was doing when he took my daughter that had four children. I truly beleive that had it been one of my other children I would be joining them real soon. Being it was Heather and her husband was and is such a rotten person that I am raising my four Grandchildren that they are keeping me here and not joining you as I would very much like to.

I will do my very best for you on raising the children. I just want you to know that I took each child seperately shopping for school clothes and then let them pick out where we ate. It was fun but I’m not really a great big pizza person and we went there two out of three of the times. haha… You are in my thoughts daily and hope you see the flowers on your grave and that they get watered everyday.

Love you Honey,