Gregory S. Vasich

A tribute from: Carol and Milt Vasich and Sons

A heart as big as his smile

Greg, our dear son and oldest brother of our remaining 3 sons, died instantly in a car accident on April 9, 2004. The other driver ran the red light at a busy Naperville intersection.

Greg was a strong, handsome, 23-year-old young man who loved life and hated to sleep. He always took time to connect with people and was beloved by many dear friends, cousins and relatives.

Greg had beautiful dark eyes and a dazzling smile. He was brilliant, but humble. He loved books, music, sports, movies and games. He graduated from the University of Illinois where he played trombone in the Marching Band for 5 years.

We miss his exuberance for life and his enthusiastic approach to the smallest details, as well as the important things in life. We love him and miss him every minute of the day. He would have wanted to share his gift of life with others. We are so happy his corneas have helped others to see.

God bless.

The Vasich Family