Gerald M. Gillett

A tribute from: Cathy Gillett, Donor Wife

My husband, “Mike” would always do what he could to help a person if it was within his power to do so. When he suddenly passed, I was asked if he had ever expressed his wish to be an organ donor. Even though he hadn’t done so, I thought that by becoming an eye donor, this could be one of his many donation “gifts”.

He had the ability to see the beauty of so many things in his life and travels that many could not. His Mother and best friend had both lost their sight due to illness and he knew how precious the ability to have their sight would mean to them. I had always told him to never miss a sunrise or sunset because they were the most beautiful pictures that nature can paint for us. He was able to witness the first minutes of life when seven of nine grandchildren were born and watch them grow and to love their “Poppie” as much as he loved them. I have lost my best friend, fishing and travel partner. Even though our hearts are heavy with sadness they are also filled with pride that someone will be able to once again enjoy the many sights that life has to offer.

He loved and was loved by so many people. I never realized how many lives he had touched until we lost him and only then did I see the number of friendships he had forged. He was a proud, protective husband and Father.

I love and miss him very much every day and know he will be there to lead me to my new home when it’s my time to join him.