Gary K. Moore

Gary’s Eyes

My husband of 8 years, Gary Moore, was killed in a car crash, May 20, 2004. He was on his way home from work. Another man ran a stop sign and hit him. Gary was killed instantly, I am told. It is some comfort to me. He was 38.

Gary’s eyes were brown. My eyes are brown. Dirt brown, mud brown, etc.?

Gary’s eyes were a glossy sable.

The 10-year-old Gary lived, still, in his eyes.

An imp in one, and an angel in the other.

Gary had a vision defect. He couldn’t see “bad”, or “wrong”; “unjust” or “unfair”.

He could ONLY see shades of “happy”, “friendly”, and “love”.

Someone is VERY lucky.

They got the most beautiful eyes.