Garry L. Treptow

A tribute from: Pearl Elizabeth Treptow, Donor Wife

Sudden Tragedy

gail thierry On december 8, 2011, my husband went by ambulance to the hospital, which we all thought was just going to be a couple days in the hospital for chest pain turned into something way worse. We were told that his condition had turned from serious to grave, this was about the time that we had to start making some of the most difficult decisions that we where not prepared to make, but we all decided that if we had to experience this tragedy, we did not want anyone else to go through what we just did, so we decided to donate all of my husband’s organs, tissues and whatever else was viable to the gift of life. In turn, we found out that my husband’s cornea went to a young man in New Jersey. We are all glad that in the event of a tragedy, something good came out of it, and a young man could have the gift of sight again.