Gail A. Thierry

A tribute from: Pam Thierry, Donor Daughter-in-Law

gail thierry Gail Thierry was the kind of woman who spent her whole life overcoming hardship and persevering, so when she was diagnosed with lung cancer at the very young age of 60, there was never any question that she was going to beat it.

She tried, too. She gave everything she had into fighting. She fought bravely for eight months – extensive chemo, radiation and many trips to the hospital. Cancer took her hair, her energy and her appetite – but it never took her spirit.

Sadly, cancer became the one obstacle in her life she couldn’t overcome and when it was clear that she would not beat cancer, her first thought was about helping others.

Gail wanted to donate every viable organ she had when she died but cancer

took that from her too. Because her cancer had spread to so many of her internal gail thierry

organs, donating them was not a possibility.

The one thing cancer did not take was her beautiful eyes. Her warm, loving, smiling eyes. The kind of eyes that saw beauty in everything. Eyes that reassured you when they looked at you. Eyes that were the window to her heart and were alwaysas big and bright as her spirit.

Gail passed away in the loving arms of her children on August 28, 2010. It is comforting to know that her beautiful eyes have given an incredible gift to someone else. Take that cancer!