Eugene R. Lorenzini

A tribute from: Lynda Hanson, Donor Daughter

Gene Lorenzini, devoted husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and friend displayed his devotion through commitment and dedication. He offered time, talent, and financial assistance whenever he felt there was a need, sometimes just because he wanted to make life a little easier for others.

He took pride in every endeavor from his youth to his military involvement during the Korean conflict. During this time, he saved a trainee’s life by performing CPR on him when he was struck by lightning. He raised two children and perfected his employment skills. He took on side-jobs and favors and prepared for a comfortable retirement with his wife of 54 years, Jean (Erb). He spent countless hours drawing floor plans for his apartment building construction, as well as personal residences for himself, friends, and family. Amidst this time in his life, he also became a 12-year member of the city planning commission.

As if his schedule wasn’t full enough, his employer, Illinois Power Company… Hennepin, required him to pass testing for a pilot/navigator license to operate their tugboat moving coal barges on the Illinois River, a job he had been doing for years!

Throughout his busy times, he managed to take time for flying small aircraft, hunting, fishing, horseshoe pitching and vacationing. He became known around Spring Valley, Illinois as the one to ask about the real bargain visits to Las Vegas. He even had two more trips planned at the time of his passing! He was even thrifty there, spending many hours downtown on Fremont Street playing one of his favorite games – Keno.

Even as gene was called “home” for a greater purpose, his tired, weary and worn body of 75 years provided one last favor, this time for a stranger: THE GIFT OF SIGHT through corneal transplantation. Though we all have diverse opinions, a woman from Chicago now sees his point of view.

The proud family of Eugene R. Lorenzini

Feb. 2, 1929 – Nov. 5, 2004