Eugene Hammond

A tribute from: Jana Hammond, Donor Daughter

He was My Precious Dad, Best Friend, My Comfort, Safety, My Hero, Strength, my peace in the middle of life’s trials & the one that I wanted to share life’s joys with; He was a true example of Jesus Unconditional Love to me, to all throughout his life, He loved All of Us, His 4 kids, Grandkids, & Great-Grandkids,& Family, no matter what. He would help strangers, family, friends, acquaintances alike- “give you the shirt off of his back” and rather go without. That was just my Daddy! He was so strong in the way that He lived His Precious Life, both in His character & physically . He worked so hard in all that he did, and was always trying to make you laugh. He taught me the meaning of strength, and that no matter what happens, to never never never give up, and never quit. To thank our Savior in All circumstances, to cling to Him, and keep the faith. He was everything to me, to Us who love Him! And it makes me so thankful to know that someone was given His Beautiful, Precious eyes and what a truly precious gift that is. Though He would’ve wanted to help one that way in a second, He wouldn’t want any praise to himself for it, only to Jesus. He died without warning, and has been SO deeply missed each second since! I Love You SO much, Daddy!