Eugene “Gene” H. Knott

A tribute from: Ann Knott, Donor Daughter

Dad… We love you and will miss you very much

When my Father passed away June 29, 2004 my heart hurt so very much. I needed all to know how much we loved him and would miss him. He was a simple, caring man who was married to a woman who is legally blind. Mom sadly cannot benefit from a corneal implant, but we are so touched to know that someone today can see all the beauty our Dad once enjoyed. I wrote this poem and read it at his funeral.

A quiet, gentle man went to sleep the other day

For on this lowly earth he was no longet to stay

Simple he was, never asking for much

But always there to give a gentle touch

Great fun he had giving all a hard time

Stingy he could be with his nickles and dimes

We did not mind we did not care

All you had to do was ask, he was always willing to share

Providing for his family was his life long goal

That he did with his heart and his soul

His wife he loved for 42 years

Always by her side through the laughter and the tears

Three children he raised with no complaints

God only knows we were not always saints

In his life three grandsons played a very big part

He carried each one deep in his heart

The Cardinals were the best, he would always say

You silly Cub fans must wait yet another day

A mate for me he sought to find

Once pointing to me an ER tech cute and kind

Words cannot express how much he will be missed

For each of our hearts he has forever kissed

Your heart has stopped and now is still

Your love lives on and always will

Thank you Dad for being our Dad

For no other we would choose

Heaven above has gained

What we on earth must lose

Dad…we love you and will miss you so very much

With much love,

Your daughter


Eugene “Gene” H. Knott

A Tribute From:

Donna James, Donor Daughter

Hey Dad – Go Cubs Go (ha ha) I love you & miss you

My dad passed away suddenly on June 29, 2004. We were devastated. Dad was a quiet man, but always there when we needed him. He was married to my mother for 42 years. They met through the Peoria Blind People’s Center. My mother is legally blind.

She cannot benefit from a corneal implant, but knowing that someone else will has helped all of us cope a little easier with his loss. Dad did a lot of work for the blind. He would be thrilled to know that even in his passing, he is continuing to help.

We love you very much Dad.