Edward Anderson

A tribute from Patricia Niedrich, Edward's partner

Edward’s parting gift to two people

Edward had a sudden death with not much notice. We thought he was going in for minor surgery when we found out it was end-stage terminal cancer. He had less than a week after finding out the diagnosis, as two days later his organs started shutting down. We barely had time to keep up, so when he died, it was a shock.

I had to make a decision when Ed passed and I was called in the middle of the night to say goodbye to him. My mind was a blur, but I remembered when he was young and in college, he worked for Dr. Kraff who helped pioneer some of the early work in laser eye surgery, LASIK included. He did not go into that work for his living, but was always sensitive to eye health and adequate glasses—always the best he could find.

When we lose a person close to us, it’s important to take a loss and make it a “win.” I received a letter today, Feb. 29, 2020, telling me that Ed’s donation helped two different people achieve their sight by his donated corneas. I could not be more thrilled that they have achieved the gift of sight! God Bless! Ed’s memory is more vibrant now that someone is looking through his corneas, I am delighted that he lives on through them, the best of health and luck to the recipients! Be well!