Duane C. Yoder

A tribute from: Betsey, Donor Daughter

My Dad Rides His Harley in Heaven…

April 4, 1950 – March 13, 2007 were the years my father blessed us with presence. He is a tall, strong man of great character and even greaters words of wisdom. He was tragically killed on his motorcycle when a van turned across the road directly in front of him. It has been very hard dealing with the fact that my dad isn’t a phone call or drive up the road away now.

Listening to people talk about the memories they have of my father has given me great pleasure. His “superman” pose as he walked from one room to another; the practical jokes he pulled off in high school; the custom built bike he created from the ground up, his tolerance of others, his Harley Davidson Road King, the endless amount of time he spent outside, not wearing a watch anymore when he retired, reconnecting with his brother, the countless “honey-do’s” he did for his mother, and having people tell me that he talked nonstop of his grandchildren and me. What made me decide to leave this message was a letter I received today, my father’s corneas were transplanted to a young woman giving her the gift of sight again. What a wonderful feeling for us and that woman’s family. I hope she takes that gift and sees the wonders of the world, hope and the good in others like my dad did. Thank you for now being our guardian angel and I will forever love you. “If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again.”

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