David A. Dwyer, Sr.

A tribute from: Dawn Koepl, Donor Daughter

My Loving Father

My loving father loved to fish. He would go out on the lake and fish for hours. I can remember when my son was younger, about five or so, and my dad brought him out to the lake and they went fishing. My son caught a real big fish and was having a real hard time bringing it in so he called for his papa – “Come quick, it’s getting away!” My son loved his papa – he was his best friend. He could tell his papa anything.

My loving father also liked hawks. When he was younger, he was a falconer and went out to catch his baby hawk. He brought her home and raised her. He would bring her places and they would hunt for hours. My father went to Colorado to hunt with her and won a worldwide event; his bird caught the biggest jackrabbit that a bird has ever caught.

My loving father also had a fascination with seeing UFOs. He’d swear up and down that it was there, and then gone. He would listen to Art Bell on the FM radio and call me and tell me to turn it on – or go to a Web site to see how they caught one, put it in a freezer and listen to the alien sounds… and when it got away.

My father was always the jokester of the family; he would find your weakness and torment you on it. He will be missed by a lot, but he lives on through the eyes of you. So when you look up into that sunny sky and see that hawk soaring, think of my father. Or, when you go fishing and the big one is on the hook… or you see the big one that got away… Think of my father.

Dawn Koepl,

Donor Daughter