Dacie R. Runyon

A tribute from: Esther Runyon, Donor Mother

My Sweet Dacie

My name is Esther. I want to tell you a little bit about my daughter. Her name was Dacie. She was a loving, caring, compassionate, giving mother of 6 small children, which I now have the privilege to raise. We had often talked about organ donation, but never knew she had signed up. When Dacie died, it was hard, but then we were notified of her wonderful wishes to donate. I then truly understood what a caring, giving person she really was. We received a letter from the Illinois Eye-Bank on 3-9-09 saying her eyes were placed. One went to a gentleman in Canton, and the other went to a small child in Michigan. We are so honored to know that she has helped 2 people see. That is the kind of person she was. To the families who received these gifts, God bless you, and know those eyes are filled with love.


Dacie’s proud mother