Chad S. Revard

A tribute from: Charlene Revard

His Spirit is Alive

My son Chad ended his life on July 15, 2001. He loved life so much, but for one second he snapped and he was gone. If he had known what he was doing, he would never have done it.

He loved life so very much, he always had a smile on his face and his hat on backwards. He loved all of us and his friends and we loved him, and he knew it. I guess the more you love, the more it hurts.

Chad was 27 years old and a terrific person. I hope whoever received his sight loves what they see, because he always did. I hope they are a terrific person like he was/is; if they aren’t, they will be someday. He had that way about rubbing off on you.

I haven’t gotten to the stage where I don’t think of him always. They say it will come, but I don’t know if it ever will. I do know that now, when I think of him, I think of the sadness and the happy memories of him and us take over much sooner than they did a little while ago. I take that as a sign that he wants me to never give up, and things will someday be happy memories first. I will love him for all of my life.

Love always, Chad’s Mom,

Charlene Revard