Brody Slimak

A tribute from Kristi Slimak, Brody's mother

My son’s final gift

In 2002, I was blessed with Brody. It was the best gift I’ve ever received. We received a similar gift yesterday.

We got a phone call the day Brody passed asking us if we would consider donating his eyes to a company called Eversight. We said yes without hesitation. The vision company said they would send a letter to us later, informing us in what way they could be used. I figured since we never heard from them, they couldn’t be used. Saturday we opened a letter stating that Brody’s donation gave two separate women the gift of sight.

It is one of the best Christmas presents I have gotten since his birth. To know that his little body, that failed him in every way possible, could help restore someone’s vision is so amazing. It truly was the one thing in his body he could control—not his arms, legs, neck—but his eyes. He would watch us for hours and just smile when we looked back at him. I’m so overwhelmed. I love that this is the one thing he was able to save someone with.

I finally feel able to be happy about something this Christmas season. Knowing a part of him gave two people something so precious to all of us, is so beautiful. Sweet Brody truly is an angel ❤️