Babe Boyd

A tribute from: Donor's daughter and best friend

My Mother, My Best Friend

My mother was 65 yrs. old and 2 weeks away from her 47th wedding anniversary. She fought a long battle with her health. She was a wonderful painter, florist, 4-H leader and much more. Her love for life and the beauty in it was unbelievable. Her painting showed it.

When she died, there was no doubt that we would donate any organs of use. I received a letter from EVERSIGHT saying two people received her corneas – one from Mundelein, and one from Forest Park. Today I received a letter from “Betty” in Forest Park, telling me she can see and read again, thanks to my Mom. I have to tell you, I feel so much better knowing we made the right decision and someone else gained from this. My Mom would be proud to know her eyes are still seeing the beauty in the world, and possibly reading a book.

Thank you, EVERSIGHT, for letting us know we helped!