A Great Musician

A tribute from: Dr. N. Wood, Donor Wife

From a Great Musician

My husband volunteered for Radio Talking Book (WKAR), a sub-station for individuals who were blind or could not read for various reasons. Each Saturday, he read news to the listeners. He was an outstanding musician and soloist, using the gift of sight to read music, play the piano, keyboard and organ and teach music in community centers and churches. He was a trained musician, having an instrumental group that traveled throughout the world, while stationed in the United States Army. My children, Mark, Kathrine, Marguerite and Leonard, as well as my grandchildren, were blessed by his music. He often played for Grandparent’s Day at our grandchildrens’ school.

We both became volunteer readers in thanksgiving to God for the sight of our granddaughter, who was diagnosed with glaucoma at the age of two months. Her parents were told that, because of the pressure in her eyes, she would be blind. When they found that she was not, many articles were written about her in medical journals, but we chose to simply give of our sight through sharing with others in reading to them and then in donating our corneas.

It is a comfort to us to know that my husband, who had such a giving spirit, continues to give to those who need it the most.