Eversight launches system to help unlock cures for vision loss

Changing the future of research

CLEVELAND — Eversight has launched the Eversight Vision Research Registry & Biorepository, a program dedicated to helping scientists accelerate ocular research and discover cures for the world’s most critical eye diseases.

The program is a two-part system—one providing Cleveland-area residents the opportunity to register to become an eye donor for research after death and one which stores and distributes associated donor eye tissue for research.

Studying donated human eye tissue is the best way for researchers to learn how diseases begin, progress and react to treatments. But access to diseased and healthy human eye tissue is one of the greatest challenges scientists face. They may have to wait years for a sample that matches their research project.

The Eversight Vision Research Registry & Biorepository is breaking down the barriers to eye tissue for researchers by collaborating with local hospitals to register donors and providing an effective storage system.

Highly trained technicians will recover donor eye tissue and bring it to the Biorepository in Cleveland where it will be preserved and stored. Once tissue are catalogued, scientists can access a database and select the exact tissue for their research project needs.

Eversight has already begun registering people who support the groundbreaking and unique initiative. Signing up is simple, fast and completely confidential.

“This is an exciting step to building a system with the potential to transform vision therapies,” said Gregory Grossman, Ph.D., Director of Research and Innovations Programs at Eversight. “Human eye tissue, especially when it’s paired with detailed patient medical information, is critical to researchers to reach new breakthroughs and novel forms of treatments.”

More than 36 million people worldwide are blind and 217 million suffer from moderate to severe visual impairment. While corneal transplantation gives sight to many, only 10 percent of blindness is caused by corneal disease or injury. For many conditions, there are no cures or effective therapies.

“The Biorepository is providing researchers the tools they need to make a difference,” said Kayla Gray, Eversight Innovations Operations Supervisor who runs the program. “And none of this would be possible without the amazing generosity of donors who believe the key to unlocking cures lies in a simple decision—becoming an eye donor for research.”

How can you join the Registry?

Cleveland-area residents can register by contacting Eversight at (866) 432-4622 or registry@eversightvision.org.