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Science With Scarlett

Science With Scarlett is a children's picture book series about a young girl scientist and her teddy bear assistant who do amazing experiments with the reader.

The first book in the series is What Color Will It Be? and 15% of the proceeds go to Eversight!

Discover something new with Scarlett and her amazing science experiments. Scarlett invites you to mix colorful lights and ask the question, What Color Will It Be? all while learning about our amazing gift of sight and how our eyes can see the world in color. Come along on this fun adventure and explore surprising results along the way!

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Overview of the book

The book models how the eye sees color. Using only receptors for red, green, and blue, the eye can perceive other colors. Scarlett models this for the reader using tri-colored flashlights to conduct her light-mixing experiments.

Inspire curiosity

Children crave to know how the world around them works. Science With Scarlett blends the visual draw and narrative appeal of a fiction story with an inquiry-based approach to teaching science. This elegant story can get young thinkers wondering and young wonderers thinking.

About the Author

Gary Abud Jr. is an award-winning educator and double cornea transplant recipient who, since having his sight restored, was moved to use his teaching gifts to make science fun for kids. He lives with his family near Detroit and writes to inspire children, like his preschool daughter, to love science. Gary is the 2014 recipient of the Michigan Teacher of the Year honor.

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