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Ocular tissue plays a critical role in helping researchers understand and find new treatments and cures for blinding eye diseases

Meeting your research needs

Eversight provides more than 3,000 tissues for research and education annually. We work to understand your specific research objectives to ensure you receive the tissue you need. Our dedicated team is trained to recover tissue under strict time and environmental conditions to preserve the integrity of precious biological specimens. Eversight offers comprehensive donor medical, ocular and social history information with serology results upon request. Tissue available for research includes: whole eye, posterior pole, cornea, conjunctiva, lens, retina, limbal scleral rim remnant. Additional tissue types and preservation techniques available upon request.

Requesting tissue

Interested in obtaining research-related tissue from Eversight? Our online form is easy to complete, and an Eversight representative will contact you within 48 hours of your inquiry. You can also contact our Research department by emailing us or calling (312) 469-5530.
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Researcher Spotlight

A testimonial from University of Illinois College of Medicine physician Dr. Ali Djalilian on the vital importance of Eversight tissue to his research.
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Research grants

Eversight grants reveal a world of possibility


Submission guidelines

Eversight has awarded more than $4 million since 1980 to support research investigating critical diseases like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, as well as furthering advances in corneal surgery and eye banking practices. We invite proposals from academic, clinical and health services investigators from partner institutions to fund promising eye and vision research projects with special emphasis on utilizing human ocular tissue or research related to corneal surgery, corneal disease and eye banking.
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Submission process & award schedule

The Eversight Eye and Vision Research Grant Program was accepting applications Jan. 14-April 14, 2019. The program provides funding to emerging and established investigators for new and pioneering research. Grants, which range from $10,000 to $25,000, are intended as seed money to develop promising foundational research, collect initial data and conduct laboratory work.
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Past awardees

The Eversight Eye and Vision Grant program has awarded grants to leading researchers at institutions such as Harvard University, Case Western Reserve University, the University of Michigan and many more.
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Partnering with surgeons and researchers to find new treatments and cures for blinding eye diseases

Innovations department

The Eversight Innovations department seeks to strengthen our capabilities by improving research tissue quality and distribution, launching new clinical service lines and developing novel ways to integrate innovative ideas into eye banking practice. Our goal is to further our mission of preserving and restoring sight and share our expertise with the greater eye banking and ophthalmology communities. Through collaboration and consultation with Eversight clinical leadership, medical directors, external research partners and stakeholders we are able to focus our efforts on the most rewarding projects.

Areas of focus

Optimization: Activities related to testing and improving existing technology in order to re-introduce improved operational lines of service or products.
Discovery: Activities related to discovering and studying new ideas, including pre-clinical investigation of potential new service lines or products.
Outreach: Activities related to providing seed grant funding and tissue to help develop and conduct research projects with our partners, many of which may align with internal research and development performed at Eversight and provide early identification of original ideas.