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Learn why people chose to join the donor registry and how their lives have been impacted by eye, organ and tissue donation and transplantation

Giving the ultimate gift impacts countless lives

Editor’s note: Eversight asked why people chose to join the donor registry. These are only some of their testimonials. You can tell us why you joined, too, or consider joining the registry if you haven’t. 

"My first wife had a kidney disease, and she was put on a kidney machine. If I can give someone a chance to live a life without being on a machine, it’s a good thing."

Kenneth R. Kinsey, joined the registry in 1997


Even though I may not be around to see the results, I have a chance to help change someone else’s life and the lives of their friends and family. That idea makes me happy."

Terry Beamsley, joined the registry in 1995

"My mom passed when I was young, she was a donor, and it brings us some peace knowing that she was able to give life through her death. It’s such a selfless and meaningful sacrifice that costs you nothing!"

Tessa Koenigsknecht, joined the registry the day she got her license

"I understand the importance of organ donation. I have received two corneal transplants. "

—John Cauley


"When I pass, I hope something can be used for one or more individuals, so someone can see, breathe, live for many years to come."

Arlana Fischer, joined the registry around 2003

"I joined because I believe if I can impact someone else by donating, that I should do so. It is a great gift both as a donor and a recipient. The gift of donation in general means a tremendous amount to me. My husband, David, gave the gift of sight to two people, and has impacted many other lives with his gifts of tissue. My son received a kidney transplant."

Carol Hamm


"I joined because of my sister. She donated her corneas in 1976. I want to be able to help others. It has been a joy to hear stories of people who have received organs from the gift of life."

Kelly Lubbe, joined the registry at 18

"I am the recipient of cornea tissue four times due to Fuchs disease and know the value of tissue and organ donation. To me, donation of cornea tissue is a miracle. I can participate in my grandchildren’s lives, not be a burden of a disabled parent and give back through the Stafford Township Lions Club, Eversight and presentations."

Susan Mueller, joined the registry in 2000

The gift of donation is priceless. It helps people return to wellness. Gives them independence. Improves their quality of life. The list goes on!"

Mackenzie Stolarczyk, joined the registry at 16 when she got her driver’s license


"I have received 10 cornea transplants. I just hope when I am finished with my life, I would be able to help someone else live longer. "

—Lion Larry Alman, joined the registry in 1997

"Giving someone sight is one of the greatest gifts one can give and providing sight to someone would be a great testimony for me as I go to a greater place."

—Jim Pettinato, joined the registry in 2000

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