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By Caithlin Lopes, Business Development Director 

I am pleased to announce the launch of Eversight Academy—the new home for education, training and professional development opportunities available to our partner ophthalmologists, vision researchers and allied health professionals. 

We understand the critical role continuous learning plays in advancing our shared mission to restore sight and prevent blindness. The Eversight team is here to support your professional journey and commitment to excellence.

Over our 75-year history, Eversight has developed unparalleled academic and professional development offerings to meet the field’s ever-evolving needs. We seized the opportunity to create a single hub for these offerings, and Eversight Academy was born. 

Eversight Academy simply formalizes your one-stop-shop for the education, training and professional development opportunities that are already proven and trusted by Eversight partners worldwide.

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I am excited to share this hub of valuable resources with our network of changemakers. Eversight Academy is free to our partners. Some content like on-demand trainings and webinar recordings are available publicly to anyone interested. 

The Eversight team is here to support your professional journey and commitment to excellence through Eversight Academy, a curated academic hub where education meets innovation. Explore our offerings, enrich your skill set and elevate your career today.

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