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Read about why people joined the donor registry, who they are honoring, and the impact donation & transplantation has had on others

Celebrate & honor the gift of donation 

Editor’s note: Eversight asked people to share their passion for donation or their personal transplantation story. These are only some of their testimonials.  

“Even before I worked at Eversight, I wanted to be a donor. I wanted to give someone the chance at a better life! It’s a selfless and indescribable gift. Someone at the end of their life gives someone a second chance at living their life.” 

– Becca Wenk, joined the donor registry when she got her driver’s license at 16 

Julie Fleps' handmade crafts

As a visual artist-designer, the gift of donation fills me with gratitude and awe. Gratitude to the donor and the donor’s family and awe for the beauty of the world around me that I can see every day in detail.” 

– Julie Fleps, cornea recipient 

When talking about her cornea transplant, Takara Vance describes it as pleasant, capable, positive, rewarding and grateful. 

“It means another chance to go after what I was once afraid of.”

- Takara Vance 

Matthew Fox

This Donate Life Month, Christina Fox is honoring Matthew Fox, who she described as kind, helpful, funny, patient and loveable. 

“Matthew was 23 and he was a donor and an exceptional giver. He helped so many people with his organs. The gift of donation means helping someone who needs help even though you died.” 

– Christina Fox, joined the donor registry in 1980 

“Eyesight is now 20/25! The gift of donation means the ability to see much better.” 

– E’Lane Tufts, cornea recipient 

Rebecca Mullins

“Without donations, I would have a completely different life by now. Walking would be very difficult, seeing beautiful nature, gone. The faces of loved ones, a memory. A drive in the country, visits to other countries, majestic mountains, flowers in a field, the sea, the skies, an eagle in flight; no more part of my life. The thing closest to my heart – creating art, drawing, painting, wood working, sculpture – a painful memory. I would no longer have a genuine smile or laugh. If had never been given my sight, I would only be pretending to be a happy person. The love in my heart would be a faint flame, barely alive. Donating saves lives in ways people would never understand.” 

– Rebecca Mullins 

“Transplantation means life. The gift of donation means everything.” 

– Diane Hollingsworth 

Image of Jacob Robertson

Rose Robertson is honoring her son, Jacob, who became a donor in 2009. He is described as loving, compassionate, caring, generous and missed. 

“We just know how proud he would be to have been able to help two people regain their vision and add quality to their lives.” 

To Rose, the gift of donation means hope, promise and the essence of life. 

– Rose Robertson, joined the registry 25+ years ago 

“I have seen the transformative power donation has on people. My cousin recently received a heart transplant, and it has been inspiring to watch her go back to living a full life. Because of her donor's gift, my cousin can watch her young daughter grow and be present in her family's lives. The gift of life, sight and mobility will always astonish me.” 

– Caroline Miller, joined the donor registry when she got her driver’s license 

Jennifer Miller submitted photo

Jennifer Miller is honoring Jack A. Miller who is described as good natured and caring. 

“He was able to give tissue for a corneal transplant that gave sight to someone. The gift of donation means giving a person a second chance.” 

– Jennifer Miller, joined the donor registry when she got her driver’s license 

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