The best gift a person could give

A decision that travels the world

Editor’s note: Eversight asked why people chose to join the donor registry, and this is one registered donor’s story. You can tell us why you joined, too, or consider joining the registry if you haven’t. 

      Bose Wright and her sister, AJ, joined the donor registry the moment they got their licenses. They both believed in helping others through the gift of donation. After AJ passed away suddenly on Dec. 10, 2017, Bose was able to see that decision come full circle. 

      “People say time heals all wounds,” Bose said. “I wouldn't say it was time, but to know that my sister helped other people—it gave more meaning because she meant the world to us.” 

      After the death of her sister, Bose and her family discovered that AJ was able to donate one of her corneas to a recipient that lived across the world in Beijing, China. 

      “I thought that was fascinating,” she said. “I thought, ‘Well she's traveling!’” 


      Bose said to help another person through donation makes the grief of losing a loved one feel a little less awful. 

      “To know that her spirit, her love, her everything lives on through donation is pretty cool,” she said. 

      Bose said she would like to encourage others to join the registry because it is the best gift a person could ever give. 

      “I constantly talk to people about the importance of being a donor,” she said. “My sister was, and my mom donated her whole body to RWJ Rutgers Medical School. As a total science geek, I see the importance.” 

      Want to make an impact this Donate Life Month and beyond? Join the registry and read more about the impact becoming a donor has on the lives of people every day. 

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