Restoring sight. Changing lives.

Charitable contributions allow Eversight to provide these important services.

Gift of Sight Fund

Many people are unable to afford the cost of a cornea transplant. Your support provides financial aid to ensure these patients can return to active, productive lives with restored vision. In addition, this fund helps offset costs associated with our humanitarian tissue efforts both domestically and internationally for sight restoration and critical research.

Gift of Hope Fund

Blinding eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration have no cure. Your donation supports groundbreaking research to develop new cures and treatments by connecting researchers to donor eye tissue and grant funding.

Gift of Knowledge Fund

Transplantation is made possible by the generous gift of cornea donation. By supporting public and professional education programs, you help spread the inspiring message of donation while encouraging people to join the Donor Registry.

Critical eye care

Something keeps pulling Dr. Richard Gieser back. He’s gone on mission trips in 19 countries and traveled to Sudan to care for patients 14 times. Why? “Because there’s a great need.” Find out how Eversight charitable programs are benefiting patients around the world.
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The future. Delivered.

Innovative programs at the Eversight Center for Eye and Vision Research are changing the future of sight restoration. Learn more about our exciting research programs and how you can break down the barriers to sight-restoring care.
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