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Director of Research; Cleveland



Positions Eversight as a leader in ocular research and innovation by creating greater visibility in the research and innovations community. Provides leadership and oversight for Eversight’s research program activity and scientific initiatives including all aspects of an ocular disease-specific donor registry, bio-bank and data repository. As a key member of the Eversight Leadership Team, responsibilities include developing and implementing research objectives, policies, procedures, and protocols in accordance with Eversight strategic plan.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Lead the development and implementation of research program goals, objectives and plans as part of overall strategic initiatives.
  2. Provide administrative and scientific oversight for research staff, programs and initiatives.
  3. Lead the development, operational and regulatory aspects of an ocular disease-specific donor registry, bio-bank and data repository.
  4. Initiate and promote scientific research in vision and ophthalmology.
  5. Monitor the emergence of new science and research data pertaining to eye treatment and therapies and promote its application to the practice of eye banking.
  6. Serve as science liaison to Board and Research Committee, Innovations Advisory Committee, Medical Advisory Committees, and Eversight Leadership.
  7. Direct publishing activities; work closely with Marketing Communications in the development of commercial/marketing materials, professional liaison training and social media plans.
  8. Develop relationships with potential funding partners, identify grant opportunities, assist in the grant application process, serve as co-investigator with academic partners.
  9. Direct the scientific activities of projects, including evaluating (and approving) study design, hypothesis, validity and statistical significance, as well as allocating resources to maintain the organization’s existing agenda while accounting for new projects.
  10. Facilitate scientific activities of Eversight in promoting the understanding of research procedures, findings, and new technologies for the professional preparation of staff and the general dissemination of such information to members of the profession, other professions, and the general public.
  11. Facilitate relationships with research partners in academia, industry and venture capital to develop new technologies.


Master of Science degree required; PhD preferred. Previous ophthalmic research experience desired; knowledge of research methodology and concepts, regulations, planning and budgeting strategies required. A proven track record of independent competitive research funding and successful mentoring of junior investigators and research trainees is a plus. Managerial experience, strong oral and communication skills also required.


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