Leading biotechnology authority helping Eversight advance eye and vision research

More than 39 million people are blind worldwide, and nearly 250 million suffer from low vision. While cornea transplants give sight to many, only 10 percent of blindness is caused by corneal diseases or injury.

For many conditions, there are no cures or effective therapies. But Eversight has a solution — the Eye Disease Donor Registry and Biorepository, set to open in 2017.

In conjunction with Eversight partners at Case Western Reserve University, the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, the biorepository will collect, process, preserve and distribute eye tissue to researchers investigating blinding eye diseases with an unmatched depth of donor medical, social and ocular data.

Dr. Jeffrey Otto, the founder and CEO of the Otto Consulting Group and a recognized world leader in biobanking, is assisting Eversight in the development of the pioneering biorepository located in Cleveland. In a presentation titled “Enabling Precision Medicine through the Intersection of Biospecimens, Big Data and BioMarkers” on Dec. 5 at Case Western Reserve University, Dr. Otto explored the intersection of managing tissue samples, the related data and biomarker discoveries.

The Eversight biorepository will store medical information and precious tissue samples for researchers and be a catalyst for combating diseases like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.

“Eversight will make precision medicine a reality and assist millions of people around the globe struggling with sight,” said Dr. Gregory Grossman, Eversight Director of Research. “Researchers will have access to well-categorized data and tissue that matches exactly what they require.”

Partnerships with experts like Dr. Otto are helping Eversight drive innovation and stay connected with the needs of patients to deliver the best care possible — now and in the future.

Learn more about the Center for Eye and Vision Research at eversightvision.org .